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JUMP Is an inspirational Platform. We believe that success is all about the will to fulfill dreams.



We seek creative solutions to solve the problems we encounter in our part of the world

JUMP In Radio


JUMP In Radio is a 24/7 online Radio Station. People an listen to your message, music, product and services from all over the world. You are wise when you take full advantage of the opportunity which JUMP has brought to your fingertips.

Let everyone be inspired by you.

Never underestimate the possibilities for positive change which you can bring to someone else.

Jump Download Codes


JUMP Download Codes are a very innovative way for musicians, writers, graphic artists, and music producers to sell their creations online. JUMP provides:

  • A free webpage & free web space
  • Free Advertisement & promotions
  • Codes at very low fixed cost to Artists to sell to their customers at whatever price they choose! (Obviously, this is a win-win for artists everywhere)

Comprehensive Web Development Services

JUMP Invest provides a comprehensive web services for individuals and organizations who have no idea how to stop their websites nor how to ensure that these sites are set up or how they work.

We provide domain names, hosting services, web design, maintenance, and training services.

We help organizations have visibility on Social Media, Content Creation & recently SEO advisory services.