2021 Woh hoh! Here Comes 2021

Happy 2021 - Make it count oh...

2021 has arrived!
year 2021

A Happy, blessed, prosperous and powerful 2021 to you beloved readers!

We have all waited for 2020 to show us its back. We believe that this virus will be conquered in 2021.

We all have the impression that things are somehow going to be a little bit more different in 2021 than in 2020  …

And yet there is still some trepidation and reservations that it may all be wishful thinking.

2021 celebrate

We shall still celebrate the arrival of 2021 nonetheless, by faith, trusting that all will be well in the end! This celebration is a statement of faith. In spite of the left over difficulties, hardships and suffering of 2020, we shall remain hopeful of better things to come in 2021.

With the dreadful news of a new variant Coronavirus, we cannot afford to be dull or glum. We shall overcome it.

To those who are in trouble, receive encouragment by listening to or singing a song in your heart that God exists and is able to stabilize your mind. He will see you through every single moment, regardless of how happy or sad things may be.


Jesus Loves Me This I know...
Yes, Jesus Loves Me ...

Have you decided in your heart how you plan to challenge your trust in God? What exactly would you like God to do for you? And do you trust Him enough for Him to help you? Regardless of how you feel, know right down deep in your heart that God does care for you.

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