Perception of Quality – Happy 2021!


1 Perception

Poverty Mentality undervalues Stuff

1 single painting can be valued at much as or more than $1,000,000 ...


1 tiny stone can be declared precious and valued at several times more value

But the same painting or stone in Africa, or in another declared “poor” country, may have very little or no value whatsoever.

How does this happen?

I call it a Toxic Perception, which is not by chance but a deliberately conceived and systematic idea.

A typical African will not on an ordinary day think about value and quality in the same way as his European counterpart.


People will readily pay hundreds of Euros to attend an Orchestral Classical Concert in Europe, but watch for next to nothing, an Exotic African Gymnastic Dance Troupe, complete with intricate Drumming,  and dance steps.

While an African in his village can just sit and relax under his “bantaba” tree and pick or pluck a mango for free from the hundreds scattered around the ground. His European counterpart will pay much to buy even a mango fruit far less fresh than the one he has picked from under his tree.

As I write I’m watching a BBC Art Entertainment TV programme. For more than 15 minutes in front of a live audience, the hosts have been discussing the history of a golden Medal on display. You can see the intense interest on the faces of the audience. This medal in Africa would mean nothing.
Next, they’ve just started discussing a scrap of paper with some writing on it. This paper has been preserved from something dating more than 100 years…

 In Africa, this paper would mean nothing.  I recall how, years ago, our company once offered right here in Gambia, the opportunity to digitize the old audio magnetic reels of recordings and newspapers dating way back to pre-independence days. We had such a placid response from one of the well-known old news companies, we simply gave up. I am sure that some of these precious historical treasures are no more.

Let's bring it home...

Today, we have Gospel Artists in Gambia, Senegal and other West African countries who have been creating some very beautiful worship songs with no concept of their true value

. They have somehow convinced themselves to “spiritualize” that they score more points by giving out their music for “free” than placing a decent value on them in exchange for their hard work.

They paid much for equipment, for instrumentalists and for studio recordings, and to produce the songs and then they give their songs out for free as “blessings”.

Jump Invest has challenged them to reflect on precisely what they’re doing to themselves and challenged them about what good stewardship is all about. Yet many of these Gospel Artists, have still not clued into nor yet registered on their minds, why they remain poor. They seem to be waiting for someone to simply appear from the blues and pay them Heaven and Earth out of “charity.” They too have little perception of what value and quality are all about.

JUMP Invest continues to sensitize especially Gospel Artists to ensure that they create value for their products by selling their music in the JUMP Musix Platform.

Jump Musix creates an artist’s page, hosts and promotes the products for Gospel Artists via the Jump In Radio Platform and the Jump Musix Daily Publications, and allows Gospel Artists at an affordable price, to register, buy and resell Download Codes for their products to their own customers.

The JUMP Musix Platform helps to complete the critical vital sale transaction cycle for Gospel Artists.

It still stands to be seen how many of these Gospel Artists truly understand what JUMP Musix has brought to change landscape of Quality and Value Perception for people in our part of the World.

Marcfideline is a Gospel Artist and Founder of the HOTWORSH Ministry

JUMP Invest which owns both Jump Musix, the Jump Daily Publications and the Jump-In online Radio is itself privately funded.

We intend to continue to help make Gospel Artists aware that we are here to stay until an economic system of quality and value for Gospel Art in our part of the world, is established.

We welcome investors and partners at any stage of our business development.

We believe that 2021 will be a game-changer for several Gospel Artists and for JUMP Invest.

We welcome your comments. Feel free to subscribe and make written contributions and/or donations to the cause of JUMP Invest.

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