Broken Web Causes Worry on 1 1 2021


So what if the Web is down?

So asked my wife on New Year’s Day 2021 when the internet connection in Gambia went down suddenly without notice.

“So what?”, I retorted in disbelief. “Do you know what this means?”

My answer was a reflex response. Yet the question reverberated in my head. “Yeah! what does this mean?” The Internet was down all evening and into the next day and returned late morning.

My son was confused. my daughter perplexed. My first son called me to ask what was going on? I usually quickly look for alternative things to do to keep me from being a captive of anything. My whats-app called had been suddenly interrupted in the evening. And after inquiring from customer care and learned that the net was down, I simply switched to an alternative preoccupation.

I would nonetheless think a little deeply about the implications of a total internet outage for my business. My entire work, Online Shop and Web Hosting and Development services depend upon the internet. Each morning, for example, I send out devotional verses  to my family and a few people.  I also write and post JUMP Daily articles to help readers to think about things that affect our lives with a view to improve our value.

No one plans for their business to collapse

“The web is down! There goes my business!” This is basically it. Nothing more nothing less. JUMP Invest depends upon the Internet Platform to do anything meaningful for our customers.  Suddenly there is a realization that someone somewhere, who I have never met before, is basically in charge of the on and off switch of my business. And this should really cause some concern to those of us who think that the Internet should replace critical communication networks like TV and Radio Communications.

Even My TV Channels Depend Upon The Internet

The TV Channels I watch at home depend upon the internet to broadcast. Formally we would use Satellite receivers to receive Free To Air Programmes for several providers. But now, several TV Channels depend upon a single Internet Connection to broadcast programmes into our home. We have to think about what this means.

The Web outage has really caused me to value a little bit more the Fixed Base FM Radio stations and Old TV Broadcasting methods of transmitting and accessing the news.

tv digit

Good Old TV Really Had Its Advantages

It is most unsettling to feel that you have been suddenly cut off from communication with every single family and friend around the world, with no warning whatsoever.

On 1st January 2021 Many people could not wish their loved ones a Happy New Year until the 2nd, thanks to the outage.

It is clear that the main National Internet Provider (GAMTEL)has a huge responsibility to ensure that there are several back up alternatives for Internet Provision into the Country.

And the sooner there are several competitive alternative providers for the Internet Access the Better.

A Monopoly is a great disadvantage for Internet Provision into any country in this 21st Century. It is not just a business and economic risk, but a national security risk not to have multiple communication  network possibilities into any country.

A Single Internet Data Provider can become a credible threat to National Peace. Any tyrannical authority is capable of fundamentally reducing the citizens to slaves through the monopoly of Internet Provision.

It is time for a serious rethink on the singular sources of supply of Internet to our nation.

We really dont need to create a scenario where the Internet will become a very tempting source of control of communication between civilians for any possible dictatorship

The Internet outage of 1st January 2021 in the Gambia has provoked some most unsettling realizations of our vulnerability as citizens.

What do you think should or could be done to reduce the risks posed by the Internet Data Provision Monopoly?

Feel free to comment and let us know your thoughts. Are there other alternative ways you can use to ensure that their services which depend upon one main Internet Data supplier, will not cripple your business?

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