Life Turbulence – Deploy Wings of Faith

When Life Dusts Your Face Good And Proper…what happens?

We all know that life is generally unpredictable. This means that life’s unpredictability is itself predictable. Once we can come to terms with this reality, we prepare ourselves for anything.

When Life throws all sorts of curved balls at us to try to hit what do we do? Do we keep swinging wildly hoping to randomly hit these problems away or do we focus on each issue and put each in its proper place?

Easier said than done, aye? When some problems come, they hit you smack between the eyes and send you reeling backwards in disbelief and shock!

The enemy will land a punch no matter how good you are.

At this point you start asking questions and start receiving more questions, advice and counsel from well-meaning people who have not the foggiest idea what you’re going through. And even though you appreciate their attempts to encourage you, you sometimes you want to ask them to simply shut up and pray for you in secret.

This January 2021 for me started out with great expectation and hope… err.. for just the first 7 days, that is.

And after that, my life entered incredible terrible turbulent episodes in sequence for 3 straight weeks. From shock to absolute horror, I was driven to near despair. God seemed to have sent a surprise Test Paper which I was definitely not prepared for.

I often asked where God was and why He was permitting us to experience a direct, most demonic confrontation with spirits from the Devil himself. I don’t have sufficient space, time nor zeal to describe more of this in detail. Suffice it to say that Satan is real, Wicked and most definitely a foe you do not want to joke around with.

The Lord Jesus helps you ride through The Storm

The Devil can and will attack your physical, mental and spiritual health without hesitation if given the opportunity. And trust me, he has zero love, zero pity and zero compassion for anyone, most especially for those who are believers in Jesus Christ.

Through these challenges though, what I would like to share with us today is that you can only know and experience the true value of what Jesus Christ has accomplished for you when your back is against the wall and you have no choice but to confront evil head on. It is then that the components of your faith in Christ Jesus will automatically deploy.

You will experience the ability to receive appropriate Scriptures to address the issues without even having to think. You will be able to pray without hesitation. You will have power. You will be able to resist and endure the most impossible of situations on the fly. You will be able to stay awake when all you want to do is to sleep and never wake up. You will know that you are in a fight for your soul and the soul of your loved ones without a doubt. And you will know that you are more than a conqueror through Jesus.

However, as a dear Sister Fideline aptly put it to me, “no matter how good a boxer you are, you MUST RECEIVE some blows from the opponent even if you are declared winner in the end.” And boy oh boy what blows we have received, been receiving and continue to receive!

Yet, Jesus has already declared us Victorious in Him.

We cannot afford to relent nor give up. Aluta continua. The struggle goes on! And if there’s one prayer we need to be praying as Jesus asked His disciples, it would be: “pray that ye enter not into temptation”…(My interpretation would be: “Lead us not into times of trial but deliver us from the Evil One!” Amen!)

Remain steadfast and strong. Stand firm unmovable and unshakeable. And continue to abound in the Work of the Lord. And NEVER GIVE UP!! GOD sends help in time every time. He cannot be outwitted, outfoxed nor outdone.

Praise God!

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