Uninspired Investment

A compendium of investment disappointments

I would like to share some of my experience investing in Gospel Music and in Gospel Artists. Both experiences are different.

I have loved music since I was a kid. Earliest reports have it that I would rather tinkle on a toy piano than go out to play in the yard. So I was put in piano school at age 11.

I played the piano for 3 years before discovering and believing that the story of Jesus Christ is a true story. It would not be long before I became fully engaged in Gospel music. My definition of Gospel Music being Music that helps to spread the great good story of Jesus .

Through the years I have invested time, energy and resources in Gospel Music, composing, recording, producing,promoting and spending a lot of money on instruments, equipment and studio installations.

In more than 44 years of Gospel Music have never truly ever realised a major massive dream of a great breakthrough in the Music Ministry where I have personally received amazing returns for my investments in terms of Money. I have not received an earth-shaking impactful local or global recognition as a Gospel musician or Artist.

Is that what it is?

Of course my music has been heard and played and knowledge of my skill as a musician is known by some people in various parts of the world. But never to the extent where I have received say “global acclaim or a bountiful income” in exchange for my efforts and investments.

However the most challenging assessment of my investments over the years would be to accept that my efforts to encourage other Gospel Artists to take off in their field of talents and soar to even higher heights than me, have often been met with token returns of fleeting acknowledgement followed by an unreciprocated effort from the beneficiaries.

My relentless effort to help others to fly have tended to yield very little satisfactory gains. So it would appear to me.

At this point in my life, I am forced to ask the question:

“WHY should I continue to invest my time and resources in Gospel Music and in Gospel Artists?”

Shouldn’t I simply throw in the towel, give up and retire to placidly watch others struggle as participants in the fight for self actualization, as I munch in my grass like an old tired ram?

Disappointed Old Sheep

It is hard to say ” Good bye to Music. Have a happy life at trying to ‘make it’ you all. Tata! Cheerio! Asta la Vista!” Don’t cry for me.

I will contemplate the future. I will remain in stealth mode. Who knows? Perhaps the day will come when those who had warned me may not in secret contentment say: “See? I TOLD YOU! YOU CAN NEVER MAKE IT IN GAMBIA!”

I rest…for now…

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