Never Again?

Good Intentions vs Intentionality?

Yesterday Wednesday, 15th June, 2022, some of us had the privilege of being invited to Rwanda’s Memorial Day marking 28 years after the 1994 Genocide against Tutsis. I learned a lot. I will share here my take away from the messages and testimony at event.

Pastor Matthias George
  1. It is very very very important to MARK and NOT FORGET genocidal events.
  2. These pogroms are NOT random or Sudden. They are carefully organised and they build up over a period of time unchecked.
  3. Very key inspirational and charismatic individuals spur on and spew hate speech with impunity.
  4. These people are often promoted rather than nipped, put down or put out of business for good. They’re left to flourish and elevated with impunity.
  5. The Media plays a very key role in spreading their vitriolic, genocidal ideology.
  6. The message and doctrine grows by first targeting, tagging, isolating, sidelining, belittling, persecuting and eventually dehumanising their fellow human beings by comparing them to vermin that must be exterminated.
  7. The International or Global Community often turns a blind eye and does not intervene before its too late. They’re often in denial or even unwittingly embolden and fuel the hatred by not uniting to deal decisively with the hateful ideologies
  8. After Genocide you still have people preaching hatred, taking refuge in other countries, and there will even be DENIALS and active attempts to reinvent history to change the true narrative of what happened.
  9. The Impact of Genocide leaves very very very long or lifelong painful results which may even lead to mental and physical illnesses many years later..even suicide…
  10. There is a powerful need to defeat hatred with messages and acts of reconciliation, kindness, love and unity.

Pastor Matthias George