With Fear & Favour

Everyone expects justice for themselves. People more often than not always think they are right and everyone else wrong.

Even people who know they’re dead wrong expect justice to weigh in their favour.

So when we can’t get justice, our natural conclusion is to run to those who have sworn to God be objective. We expect them not to be prejudiced, not to lie and to be fair. After all, they swore to the Highest possible Authority to be just.

The Police and the Law Courts, Public Officials and Religious Leaders are sworn to remain on the side of Good, fairness and justice. They swear not to look at anyone’s demeanour, appearance nor status as conditions for rendering correct verdicts.

Truth, Impartial, Courageous

However, what happens when those sworn to justice have become corrupt? What do we do when these representatives prefer money over truth and over impartiality? What do we do when these people are afraid of corrupt officials higher up their food chain?

I strongly believe that the attempt to ignore what I call the “Third Factor” in every consideration or decision making process, is the greatest miscalculation of any Sworn Authority.

I also call this the “God Factor”.

When those in positions of authority ignore God, the one to whom they swore to be just at all times, they foolishly endanger themselves and others.

Oh yes, with impunity they may appear to get away for even a long time. To our great annoyance, they may even appear to prosper at the expense of justice and a good conscience. We often can’t wait to see how terribly they will end up.

When society discards the fear and respect of God, then there is no longer any real reason to fear accountability. There will be no real need to fear the consequence of any sort kf moral failure. Then there would be no need to stick to any law or any agreement. You could then just pay or fight your way out of everything. Social standards will degrade, implode and eventually disintegrate. Anarchy, mental illnesses, stress, disappointments,frustrations, anger, hate crimes, corruption, and violence will become the rule rather than the exception.

The Krios have a common saying, “Leff am to God!” Is this a cop out, an acknowledgement of Divinity or plain defeat?

We shall talk more on this matter in the next article…