Leff am to God.


To Whom It May Concern

It isn’t easy to face a challenge that puts you at an immediate disadvantage.

Your rights are trampled upon, your pleas are not taken seriously. You feel helpless.

No one wants to be in such a position. It’s a vice-like grip  or head lock that frustrates the life out of you. At this stage it is tempting to despair of life itself.

It’s at first natural to try to get out of the situation all by yourself.

Next you look to those who you think may help.

You confide in “the experts”. These experts promise great and sure results often at a cost. However, unfulfilled results may be  followed by expert excuses,  blame games,  laments and sympathies and finally total abandonment.

You’re left to your lot, your loss and your sorry, angry self.

You have now graduated in beginning to understand human fallibility.

At this point you pick the choice to become philosophical spiritual in either a positive or a very negative way.

Your pent up emotions turn to outbursts of frustration against life and against whoever brought you here to this world. You question everything but no answers are forthcoming.

You’re stuck in the middle of no where in what would seem a life sentence.

You’ve got to succumb to something. Either to the urge to commit an atrocious act, which may offer some form of finality, or listen to an inner voice that speaks reason, that calls for patience, that calls for letting go of one’s pride and letting the Almighty God handle things.

 In Krio “Leff am to God” means “Leave it to God”.

God. The mysterious one of whom we seem to know very little. Except from a collection of writings by those who encountered and recounted whatever bit they heard or saw of God.

So let’s discuss God. For habit’s sake and for English sake, I will use the masculine personal pronoun ‘He’ when referring to God.

Can God grant you justice from those who hate or harm you? From those who have seized your rights?

It takes little imagination to believe that whoever is responsible for ensuring the continuity of our cosmic existence and who made such a finely tuned  creation from right in the midst of such cosmic chaos, must definitely have infinite power.

To leave the intractable and impossible matters to God is therefore not an unreasonable act. It is not an unreasonable submission. Opting to Leave matters to God provides a massive relief from overwhelming stress.

It is a resignation towards God.

It is an acknowledgement of God.

It is a declaration of trust and faith in God.

It is also an invitation for God to take over and to do something.  Does God listen, can He see? Does He know what you’re going through?

Does He who creates ears not hear, the eyes not see, the brain and the conscious mind not understand? I would suggest that He does. And in ways we cannot totally fathom or fully appreciate.

It is reasonable to turn to God. It is not a cop out. It is not the act of a loser. To me it suggests quite the opposite.

 Leave an intractable issue to God, makes a lot of sense. It is a break through in wisdom and understanding. It is the beginning of a new discovery. A eureka moment even!

It is now that you will start to learn who God really is.

Herein may reside for you the Greatest opportunity of your lifetime to actually witness God at work!

“Leff am to God”

By Pst Matt George