The Great Nyobie & Baboo Yaii!

The Great Nyobie and Baboo Yaii. (The Great Last Laugh.)

Roll On The Floor Laughing. FOR Those who don’t know. Now you know. 🤣

It’s painful to see the reckless mockery of those who wish great harm or evil come to you.

And yet it’s funny to see the failure of those who have taken upon themselves great pains to plot, conspire and plan the downfall of the righteous.

And who are these righteous? Its simply those who have opted to do the right thing at all times.

They’re a hated bunch. They’re the “Goody 2 shoes-grumpums”; The nerds who always seem to get it right. They’re the great performers. They’re the ones who will report class mischief to the teacher without hesitation.

Invariably, these righteous will get bullied and persecuted. They’re often a very vulnerable minority. But they stand out and stand up for whatever is good clean and commendable. They’re soft but firm, and they can be very stubborn.

Those who are corrupt call them puny. The righteous are subjected to all types of insults and even assaults.

This morning, my good friend Mr. Wilben Short, sent me a response to an anti-corruption report from the President of Malawi, Dr Lazarus Chakwera. CORRUPTION in Malawi has apparently and allegedly reached the level of Vice President himself. And Dr Lazarus The President, has not hesitated to call out the VP and target a clean up of his office, in the best possible constitutional manner. Instinctively I feel sorry and concerned for the Malawian President and what he will face, as a result of his stated determined stance, to uproot corruption in Malawai. It sure appears to me that Dr Lazarus is a righteous man who will become, if not already, a victim of those who would rather make mockery of the Constitution and the Laws of the land.

We can’t help but admire the naivety,  stubbornness, courage, boldness and firmness of the righteous. These righteous have an instinctive knowledge that there is a great last laugh.

The last laugh resides with those who do the right thing.

The last laugh belongs to those who have decided and chosen to do the right thing.

A few years ago, I endeavoured laboriously, with diligence, to research 1500 years of historical leadership, focussing on the beginning and end of many leaders, from ordinary heads to Kings and other great leaders.

And one major observation and conclusion that I have spotted and can declare with confidence is this:

The Greatest Last Laugh will come from, be with and belong to the righteous!

Pst Matthias George