The Judas In You

How does it feel to live 3 years knowing there is someone with you who will betray you to your death? That’s not pleasant at all.

One moment, the person is working with you, smiling with you, singing with you and even promising and praising you.

And then arrives the moment when, without justification, that person you loved, who you were kind to and wished well for, has a sudden change of mind about you and decides to act against you, causing you enormous physical and mental torment and stress.

And then your mind and body can’t take any more and poof! Your life is gone!!! Dead!

When this happens do you become a hero or a loser? It all depends from which perspective you’re gauging the outcome.

From the perspective of logic as we know it, you’ve been had. Your story is over. You’ve left behind a defenceless reputation and legacy. You can no longer tell your story and it’s left to whomsoever it may concern to narrate as best as possible what happened.

But from the perspective of an illogical Eternity or the mysteriously miraculous, you will eventually live again to tell the tale. In which case your betrayer would get the shock of his or her life!

If you could rise again, what would you say to your betrayer? To the one whom you loved with all your heart; the one who mercilessly broke it to pieces? Will your traitor be remorseful or will he or defiant?

What could make you a traitor? Jealousy? Envy? Ingratitude? Disappointment? Desperation? Greed? A moment of weakness? Ignorance?

In every person lies a potential betrayer.

In nearly every broken relationship there is a betrayal. A broken promise, a breach of trust, a lack of confidentially. An inability to perform to expectation. A failure of character. A misjudgement of miscalculation. All these are perfect launching pads for betrayal.

Humans are far more toxic and vulnerable than we would like to think. We are intrinsically a flawed species. It would appear that we were meant to be perfect. But clearly something is horribly wrong with us.

We cause immense pain and suffering to each other. Our relationships are extremely shaky and unstable, even if we would deny it. Most of us live palliatively, constantly falling and rising again.

Forgiveness is the Greatest Medicine for healing our shortcomings. Forgiveness is a powerful response to the greatest injury caused by the greatest betrayal.

As people work at perfection, everyone needs to live by forgiving. When we cultivate forgiveness we repair relationships better and quicker.

Paradoxically, the Judas in everyone seems to be the fertiliser needed to nurture forgiveness.

Forgiveness is an act of Love ❤️. And Love is the topic for the next article.