Land of Cock n Bull

There is nothing more toxic than living in a land of Cock and Bull, where lying is systematic, orderly and usual.

In this land, If you are determined to live an honest life, full of integrity, honesty, sincerity, fairness and straightforwardness, you WILL injure your brain.

It is nearly impossible to do good business in the place where 99.9% of the population has integrated lying into all local and international languages.

From lying about simple things like starting and ending times at events, appointments, meetings and rendez-vous, to fibbing about ordinary explanations, locations, narrations and descriptions.

There the people tell lies. From children to seasoned Professionals . It appears that lying is a very acceptable form of communication. From media, to so-called scientific fact-finding, to the courts, to religion, big fat lies are parried with impunity and with unconscionable emphasis.

In this land of Cock and Bull, 2 means 1, 50 is increased to 100 and “for sure” means “definitely not”. Damned Lying is effortless in this place.

In parallel step are the hypocrisies, the exaggerations, Story twisting, tongue changing, deceptions,the sinister silence in face of the blatant injustice, the complicity and deeply entrenched corruption and wickedness.

In this place, salaries become bribes, bribes become salaries, what is owed to you, suddenly becomes what you owe, credit is debit, debit is credit, going means coming and coming means going.

Laziness is excused, shirking responsibility is smart, smartness is deemed as high-browed, and being totally unfit and unqualified for a job is a cultural tradition to be preserved at all cost.

This Cock and Bull system is a financial vacuum run by opportunists, failures and morally decrepit self-entitled yet fully titled “Most Excellent, Honourable, Reverent, Worshipful” club-member, birds of the same feather.

I would give anything to find the country where an Investment is a sure Investment, where talents and skills are National treasures for National Development. A place where statistics are real and where contracts and agreements are true deals.

I would love to live in a country where you can go to sleep on a handshake, on a word of honour, where yes IS yes and No is No.

If anyone knows of such a space and place, please let us know. However the likely answer is, in this 21st Century, in the Year 2022, such a place currently does NOT exist. And if you claim it does, then 99.9% chance you are telling a whopper!