To bee is Good!

Bees are a wonderful part of creation. When we think of bees the first things that comes to mind are “sting” and honey 🍯. However, bees are hardworking, very busy, they can count and they can supposedly understand the concept of zero…finito, “ee don don, natin nor leff…”, “Time to get going”. Of course humans are the ones assessing them by human concepts of usefulness, study and vocabulary.

But what attracts my attention to bees today is their community care for each single bee.

I read an account of how 3 bees, drowning in honey were rescued and placed on a surface to face their sticky fate. They were quickly surrounded by several other bees and licked squeaky-clean, right down to the last one of them.

So instead of coming to a slow gluey end, these 3 bees were rapidly restored to be useful once again to the rest of the bee community.

Yes, you know where I’m going.

Care for each member of our various groups is supposed to be a most natural and instinctive response to any threat of extinction.

As we humans struggle to integrate and relate to each other as a community of people, caring should not be a strange or unique way of life. On the contrary, we are created to help one another in time of need.

Make it your goal today to do whatever you can to help someone else. Determine in your mind that you will be a helper and not a destroyer.

It’s good to be good. Let this bee lesson become a reality in you today.