When God Speaks

How many “big men” and popular entertainment or sport- idols have time to talk to you?

And yet you expect God to come down and talk to you before you believe in His existence.

Does God have time to talk to you? Or do you have time to talk to God?

You dey crace? If you wanted to talk to a person of fame, good repute or importance, wouldn’t you put in some effort? Wouldnt you attend a game or concert, write an application letter, go on the radio or lobby an intermediary or become a spectacular yourself to sufficiently attract the attention of that person?

And yet in spite of all the evidence and proof, splayed and displayed out before your eyes, nose ears,taste and touch, you have the audacity to open your puny smelly mouth and say, “God does not exist?”

What audacious, callous, insensitivity to augmented reality!

Familiarity does breed contempt. We despise family. We neglect parental authority. We minimise the importance of those close to us. We are often oblivious to the value of what and who we have living under our roofs.

For those who claim to know God, have you seen Him at work? Have you considered creation? Have you pondered the scariness of your heartbeat?

Can you mock gravity or inhale stupidity?

Look for God whilst He may be found. Search for Him whilst He is near. Seek for Him with all your might. Implore, review, check and make every possible effort to find Him.

Happy are you if God comes your way. How peaceful things will be. Your worries and anxieties are over when you walk with God.

Be sure to stick close to Him all the days of your life.