The Best Gift in everyone!

Best Gift hiding in Plain Sight!

Jump Invest is by far more lucrative for you in helping you to create value for your best gift!

And it’s up to you to work it and enjoy what you’re doing! You naturally love music. Who doesn’t? You are clearly gifted in this field. Everyone says and knows that this is your passion.

But you’re busy looking over your shoulder at what everyone else is doing out there. Some of your friends and relatives may even think you’re wasting your time in music. But something tells you that music or art is what you were created for.

My friend, your work has already been cut out for you. God gave you that gift. It is called your Talent or your God-given Start Up Capital. This capital needs to be planted or invested and well tended or cared for until it grows and bears fruit. Every plant needs time, nourishment, care and the right environment to thrive. And yes to a large extent, it does take concentration and hard work for you to produce anything.

Unfortunately, most gifted people have given up or become disillusioned or are in the wrong place .And when you have produced fruit, its time to sell some and prepare for the next season or planting, watering, weeding and waiting. Jump Invest has created a market platform to help you to showcase your products. This may be music, art, video, book publication, software, or even PowerPoint templates for Churches, Conferences and Teachings. All of the above are acceptable on the Jump Invest site.

And because you may not have access to an online payment portal like PayPal , Jump Invest gives you a dedicated page and sells download codes which you resell to your clients to enable them to access your product. The price you set is yours. Each download can be as low as $1 or D50 and guess what? You’re only paying $0.20 per code whilst your Web presence and page are free. On this page you will have the opportunity to write and promote your ministry or product. 

To leverage on the lucrative laziness of so many gospel artists, JUMP Invest is seriously considering a Music Management and Marketing arm. Left to see whether this concept will fly in this part of God’s World.

For more information feel free to contact 002207207207 via WhatsApp. Get cracking! Work your gift! It will do wonders for you!

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