The Final Say Syndrome

To Have The Final Say

The Final Say

Most people argue, not just simply because they feel that what they are saying is right, but more because they want to be heard and understood

And since being heard and understood is like a scarce commodity, it is up for grabs. No one will hand it over without a fight. Very few people will willingly give up their right to have the last word in an argument.

Recently, a State in the USA, voted to keep the rights to legally abort a child. And although the Supreme Court of the USA recently banned this right, with many states following suit, the President Of America and the USA Democrats are incensed that the American Courts have decided to “ take over control of their bodies,  the lives of their unborn children and their Constitutional rights“.

And so currently,  insults and abuse are the latest trading commodities on Twitter and Facebook, and on other Social Media Chat and News Forums.

The readiness to exchange insults is a trend that may make Trolling become an attractive option as a profession. Even I can be found Word-Volleying and Ping-Ponging on FaceBook.

There is a very powerful BBC News Headline  Photo that absolutely captures the Jubilation of pro-abortion supporters  in Kansas State in America voted to maintain its right to abort. 


So On Facebook I made the following comment to the effect: ” You can see the  genuine jubilation of these people rejoicing at being able to keep the right to kill their unborn children.”


It wasn’t long before some comments came raining in both for and against, not just my comments, but my very person and intelligence.

Of course I jumped into the fray without hesitation. One Troll  called me ‘ Illogical’ and I retorted with “You escaped fetus”. Another said I was ‘stupid’ for not being “able to distinguish a fetus from an unborn child” and I returned with “So too obviously then are your father and mother“.,

Fortunately, Facebook gives you the option to block unwanted trolls. I am really happy for this feature. It gives me and everyone else the power to have the final say.

Now I’ve learnt the technique to jump out of this online dogfight victoriously is to just cast the final insult and block. In this way you don’t have to keep on going back and forth, and you have had “THE FINAL SAY! HURRAY”

If you have ever argued with a sibling or with a spouse, you will have discovered that disputes and fights over words have very little to do with the content and substance of the argument than with the power to direct the quarrel to get the other to JUST shut up.

There has to be some form of training in “conflict – resolution” that teaches people how to actually listen, hear and understand and allow people to speak, share their minds and opinions, without insults.

Many marriages and broken relationships could do with free classes in how to conduct an argument. Many senseless wars could have been prevented too!

Supposedly “winning “a dispute by walking away with the last word or final say,  does not necessarily mean that someone has taken over or taken away the powers of your intelligence. 

But is sure feels that way.