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For A Queen

Annie E Lusack
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100 Relationship Tips for Queens!

  • Be very careful of a guy that keeps asking for gifts or money and never intents to return it.
  • If he takes more than he gives or gives with an intention to take more, just be cautious.
  • When a man loves you, he will give you gifts, even if it’s little ones from his heart.
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100 Tips For Queens
Queenie Quotes

Queeny Quotes

490. What you think of your King will reflect on how will you treat him.

491. Marry a man of principles: he is always steadfast his word.

492. Build your family...within the promises of Isaiah 61

Quoting Queeny Quotes

  • We battle our whole life but we can choose to fight and be happy too.
  • You don’t answer others harshly, even when provoked, remember, you’re a Queen.
  • The only battle you don’t compensation for, is the one that involves your peace of mind,
  • Don’t allow something worth fighting for, make you seem foolish.
  • You do not fight with the ones that you love, you just avoid them.
  • Be the true warrior version of you.
  • You keep fighting for what you want.
  • When God promises you, you keep believing in faith.
  • Punishing the ones you love, is allowed. We discipline the ones we love.
  • Pains will always be there, it’s left for you, to overcome them.
  • The devil, only comes to fight and destroy you. You must never give him the slightest chance.
Annie E Lusack
Quoting Queeny Quotes