List of Gospel Artists on JUMP Invest

Below is a list of Gospel Artists from the Senegambian Region who have contacted and received download Codes from JUMP Invest or who have put up their music for sale via the JUMP Online Shop.

It is the opinion of JUMP Invest that the majority of Gospel Artists do not fully appreciate the amount of work that they have put into producing their inspirational works. Money is the last thing on their minds. Most of them just want to be a blessing and inspiration to others. JUMP Invest strongly believes that these artists need to be supported and remunerated. Even the JUMP Invest Platform is totally privately supported by its creator and has literally sacrificed time, money and energy simply to showcase and highlight the works you will find below. Do therefore not hesitate to contact each one accordingly and give your full support to them.

You can also shop from the JUMP invest ONLINE Shop using PayPal.