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I have this notion that when you start out on an adventure, it is important
to have some good people by your side who could encourage and cheer
you on. They pray for you, step up by your side and, when necessary, whack
your horse’s bottom to keep it riding towards the goal.
These people commit to ensure that you reach your destination.
A few men have agreed to ride with me to establish a successful JUMP.
Each one of them is endowed with particular set of Godly skills, gifts and
worldviews which I believe will come in most helpful for the JUMP Effort.
These men are Rene Mbongo, Paul Ohlin, Wilfred Anderson, Gibril Kabia, Dr.
Uzo Egere, Dr Adelard Ngabonziza, Pastor Modou Camara and Pastor Said
Usuf. There are a few others who for now are en garde on the sidelines!

“It is not all about the money, although money is very important. It is more about the purpose, the strong call and overwhelming vision to let others know, in the most beautiful way, that God loves them!” I have bought and given away loads of music equipment over the years. I have even had believers borrow and never return some of my stuff. Polite as it would’ve been of them to ask to keep it, I’d think ‘well, if they really need it more than I do... then,heck, let them have it!’”

Matt George
          Impacted by Gospel Music – Music Prodigy – Pst. Soska Forbes.

  By the power of good music

On 27th October 1976, I attended my first piano lesson ever in Banjul The Gambia, by Mr Reginald Pye, a British music teacher. For some reason, that date is engraved forever on my mind. 30 minutes of lessons a week at only D10 per month.
So for roughly $1 a month, at age 11, I learned how to play the piano. In this way, I made a few friends who have become great musicians today; Pastor Francis Forbes who has been my good buddy for over 40 years now is an incredibly talented pianist!

Why are talented artists prone to frustration and depression?

“How come we get disciplined for playing music in hotels yet blessed by Pastors for bringing the proceeds of our work?”

Does the sensitive and emotional nature of artists make Gospel artists easy victims of mental illness?

Music is a powerful pathway to the mind. It helps open up our minds which then are expressed through our emotions in response to the sound and lyrics of music.

Many musicians are vulnerable to what music may evoke. The sensual nature of some sounds and the provocations to think or to yield. The subtle messages that are transmitted through music are impactful.

JUMP Invest helps to create an awareness of the usefulness and the importance of music, the media, art, mentoring and marketing in bringing the message of the Good News of God’s love for mankind through Jesus Christ.

Investing vs Donating

There is an  important difference between donating and


When you give for a charitable purpose to help a cause that cannot afford or pay for your service or product, you are donating.

When you give money to a cause or to meet a need that can or will eventually be in a position to pay you back for your service or product you are investing.

What decision will you make today in support of Gospel Music? Will you consider donating or investing in the Business of Gospel Music? You cannot go wrong by joining the JUMP today!

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