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You don't have to be off the net!

Join this Experimental Scheme to assist you to have Call Credit or Data any time you need that quick provision whilst you load up with more. You need to be living in the Gambia to benefit from this scheme. Although even if you live abroad you can literally pay for anyone of your friends living in The Gambia to have constant call credit.
Just get in touch with us to know how.
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How this works –  You can purchase regular Call or Internet Data Credit via  JUMP Call but by subscribing to this service you are able to benefit from an advance emergency Call or Internet Data Credit  to fill you in with up to D100 worth of call units.

As we have all experienced, you run short of call credit when you least expect… You have no mobile money nor immediate  access to funds. You are desperate and you need to quickly fill up.

What do you do? What could be easier than giving a shout to Jump Call via SMS or WhatsApp! We will send you emergency Credit via SMS or WhatsApp.

You can then pay next day via Afri-money or Cash or by arrangement be invoiced on a Weekly basis …

And don’t fail to pay up within the shortest order or else you will get kicked off the scheme… and your reputation totally finished! LOL!

There is a small charge of course for the emergency service.

How about that?

After filling in this form you will need to give 24 to 48 hours to be included the scheme.

What are you waiting for? Fill up the Form below. Make sure that the phone number is also useable via WhatsApp for total ease of communication.

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