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Passionate About Bringing Out The Best In You

For many years it has been my hope to help people to fulfil their dream and to help them to understand and appreciate that they are made with purpose, regardless of how they may feel..

And to this end I have dedicated countless hours!


JUMP Invest has its roots in Gospel Music which highlights the reality of the possibility to be joyful in the knowledge that whatever life may throw at you, God IS STILL IN Charge and does love you with an exceptional love.

FInancial Support

JUMP Invest for many years financially supported mainly budding Gospel Artists from mainly West Africa through equipment, concerts, research and consultative workshops.

Social Marketing

JUMP Invest is turning its attention to an important aspect of Marketing and helping to create value from the innovations of young artists and youth in general.

100% Committed

JUMP Invest is fully committed to assist whereever and whenever

Branching Out

JUMP Invest Objectives include Music, Media, Mentoring and Marketing from a Strong Support Base. We believe in self reliance but also in Networking and Multiple Streams.

So we have keen interest and involvement in various key business ventures such as Software Development, Solar Power, Estates in addition to our main focus of Media.

The call from Gospel Artists for JUMP to up the promotional and Marketing throttle will not go unanswered. 

Some JUMP Invest Friends

We are growing a network of friends and contacts within the Senegambia Region and worldwide who appreciate the impact and importance of Gospel Music and Talents in Serving Humanity, both in this world and beyond. We cherish your contribution, encouragement, prayers and kind words.

harry nicol

Harry Nicol is one of Gambia’s finest male vocalists and the current President of the Association of Gambia Gospel Artists.

Both Harry and his wife are Gospel Artistes.

Harry Nicol
bernard cissa

Bernard Cissa is the from Senegal. He travels quite often to Europe and Regionally. He is the Director of the First Gospel TV in Senegal. Bernard was the first to pray for JUMP Invest music school in Senegal in 2017!

Bernard Cissa
eli brown

Elijah Brown is the founder of Waveplus and the Initiator of the now International SHABK Gospel Celebrations worldwide.Elijah Brown is currently based in Australia where he is very active in Gospel Music Productions.

Elijah Brown

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