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Exciting News Brief Update

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The JUMP Online Radio is on 24/7 bringing drama, music, messages, news and advertisement opportunities to all of you who support our efforts. If you have something that you would like to share with our audience and the whole world, do not hesitate to bless someone else with it through the JUMP Online Radio. Already we have very inspirational weekly meditations from Dr Uzo Egere. You shall be reading up some of these mediations in  upcoming posts.

The Theme of this Gospel Music Concert is to highlight the vital need for us to pay attention to the blessing that God has given to us through the Sun to provide electricity, light and energy to our homes and institutions. We hope to provoke a chain reaction of investments in Solar Power which is truly revolutionary. It makes no sense for Africa to not use solar power to take care of energy requirements for development. Here to you shall be hearing more about this project in the coming days. The great news is that you can be a part of this venture  and benefit from this investment opportunity in various ways.

The JUMP Online shop is  an available opportunity for buying and selling any services a and products you wish at reasonable prices to our clients and customers. If you have something you do not need or which you wish to trade in auction or sell the JUMP Shop is a nice place to use to do business. You can also advertise your products and services at extremely low prices. Your products may range from digital downloadable music to messages to art or videos or to tangible items for delivery or shipping. We shall put you in touch with the right tools and people to enable you to do good business

There are various open doors to give you access to training, participation or investment in yourself or in other people which are available. From Jobs to scholarships to referrals or networked contacts in the Senegambia Region and beyond

JUMP Invest has applied to be an agent for the National Water and Electricity Company selling Electricity Units called Cashpower to our clients. We have equally applied to be an agent for Call Credit too… or Airtime. We expect to soon have access to our own payment gateway portal which gives us the opportunity to do online business beyond PayPal.. This service is well overdue. We would be happy if you will remember us in your prayers for the success of this application.

We are currently working on 2 helpful apps to make things a little easier for those living in The Gambia. One is the Doctors Appointment App and the other is the Bus Reservation Service to Senegal from Gambia. These applications are already working but being refined. You will be able to test these soon in a trial. Please pray too about the success of these ventures.