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VIFA Bluetooth Speaker

CFA 100.000

This is a powerful and highly portable Bluetooth Speaker. You will definitely love it and take it everywhere you go… for sure!

Expensive but clearly worth it. If buying in Dalasis going for great sale price! Cant find this price anywhere else!

Clear, beautifully equalized on all levels for its size.

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VIFA Bluetooth Speaker is a small but very high quality sounding speaker. You will love it…

The world-famous Danish sound brand vifa, has maintained the quality of “the world leader in the field of electroacoustics” since Mr. N.C.Madsen, the founder of vifa in 1933, developed the first generation vifa electromagnetic unit in the famous Danish city Videbaek (Vidbek). Adhering to the purpose of “restoring the real original sound”, it has provided professional sound system support for more than 500 well-known brands all over the world.

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