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A Creative Initiative

JUMP Invest is a Private Initiative by A Determined African

In the part of the world I come from, The Gospel is a message of love and forgiveness from God to all humanity. This is the Good News. God loves the whole world. Gospel Artists are equally vehement to display and exhibit an expression that says that inspite of all these challenges, we believe, we know and we have experienced that GOD IS GOOD! Through songs, through writings, through artwork and all types of creative products, we can see hear and witness that the kind of Love and Forgiveness that God gives to humanity does change the narrative of darkness, woe and gloom! JUMP Invest is simply therefore a platform to showcase and highlight that right there in the middle of despair and hardship, God is doing a beautiful thing in the lives of talented people both young and old, from Africa. We are using our time, our resources and energy to help create value for the works and productions of people from Africa, West Africa and the Senegambian Region in particular. We are inviting everyone from everywhere who believes in the transformation of Africa by the knowledge of the Good News of God’s love and forgiveness to join us by participating in promoting the works and efforts of Gospel Artists as they project and reflect this love to all of us. Your purchases, donations, ideas, products and contacts will do wonders without a shadow of a doubt!
Creating Value For Your Creation
Jump Invest
Unfortunately, many people do not know this reality because of what they have seen and experienced in their daily lives. Poverty, sickness, disease, corruption, oppression, undue advantage, exploitation and all kinds of frustrations and depressions completely defy the ability to appreciate this truth. How can God love Africa when we seem to hate ourselves?